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Vintage film cameras database: dates, images and current prices

This site is aimed to serve camera collectors and photography enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty, the time-defying technology and the exquisite complexity of mechanical film cameras. At the time, mechanical camera technology was in line with the most advanced technologies available; this era will not come back so the vintage cameras are the only way to preserve this. There are only so many vintage and true antique cameras out there; so, if you are not there yet, now is the time to dive head-on into this satisfying and educating hobby.

The golden epoch of mechanical cameras was short. From early 1900’s to about 1980’s. Before that cameras were more of optics combined with cabinet making. Thereafter electronics took over, no more cogs and levers.  No other mechanical peace-time product raised to such technical advance in such a short period, just to surrender to lesser devices.

In this pages we aim to build the most comprehensive, accurate, current and dynamic vintage camera database. No photography matters, no hardware reviews, no galleries or fluff. What you want to know, when you want to know, in just a few clicks.